Pyrite remediation works| Ireland

What Is Pyrite?

In recent years it has been discovered that a problem mineral called pyrite has been used as back-fill in houses. Pyrite affected homes were mostly in North Dublin, Meath, Kildare, North Wicklow with some cases also in Limerick.

Pyrite or iron pyrite was formerly known as “Fools Gold” and is an iron sulphide which expands if it is exposed to air or water and reacts with oxygen and water to form sulphuric acid.

Pyrite in house

Pyrite Affected Property

Expansion of the pyrite  will over time cause cracks in the walls and foundations and without remedy ultimately leave the home unsafe to live in. 

Pyrite Remediation scheme

The Pyrite Resolution Board is an independent board, established under the Pyrite Resolution Act 2013. The Pyrite Resolution Board was established to procure the remediation of dwellings with damage caused by pyritic heave of hardcore under floor slabs.

  • Note that the Pyrite Remediation Scheme is based on damage to the dwelling – the presence of pyrite alone is not sufficient to meet the conditions of eligibility. Therefore, prior to making the application, a Building Condition Assessment must be undertaken to assess the damage to your dwelling. A Damage Condition Rating of 2 is required in order to meet the Scheme’s eligibility criteria.
  • Once a dwelling is included in the Scheme, the cost of testing, damage verification, professional services and remediation works will be borne by the Scheme.

The full details and terms and conditions are contained in the Pyrite Remediation Scheme document.